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Zoom Virtual Summer Theatre Experience 2020


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I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

I created The Actor's Renaissance Theatre out of a need. 

 Foremost, The Actors Renaissance Theatre was created out of a need to provide acting opportunities for local actors in our growing Memphis Theatre Community. The Actors Renaissance desire is for each actor to gain the experience they need to perform on stage while also being a launchpad for their artistic careers.


Secondly, The Actors Renaissance Theatre was created out of a need to serve as a writing platform that will allow me to gain the experience I need as a playwright, and at the same time enabling me the opportunity to settle into the culture of theatre by directing plays while developing a new methodology for approaching creative expression in the form of  a fashion of plays being introduce to our community, our city, and our country. However, being an Artist that manages an independent theatre company comes with other responsibilities that are equally important than just writing scripts & staging shows. I also serve in the capacity of Managing Director, which duties hold the matrix of Marketing, Special Events, Promotion, Ticketing & Administration, Budgeting as well as Financial Management &Planning and other responsibilities. 

The last reason why I created The Actors Renaissance Theatre is that I had no other choice. There is such a lack of opportunities for women of color in the entertainment business and also the theatre industry, not only to perform on stage, but to direct & write plays, and also; to pave out a career in theatre. The opportunities is scarceness not only in Memphis, Tennessee but across the United States. Women of color voices have been marginalized, and our stories have been silenced in certain areas, and in some sectors. 

In earnest, The Actors Renaissance Theatre was created out of my love, passion, drive, desire, and determination to create my own histrionics, and to provoke change, bring awareness, open discussions, and inspire other women just like myself who may lack opportunities in theatre or any other field.


The key is to allow your passion and heart to drive you, and let GOD in your life!

Needless to say, I needed this job, I created this job. I created this job  because I needed an opportunity, and I have a passion to speak my voice. And, as The ActorRenaissance grow, we invite you all to be apart of this awaking, as we seek to fulfill our ultimate goal, which is to fulfill our mission and be a service to our community. 

Let it be written, this is my passion. This is who I am. 

~Mary Ann Washington


Next On The Virtual Stage


The practice of polygamy is examined in this drama, (as well as the spirit of rejection & pride), when a frustrated middle-aged woman (Haley) consents to an interracial polygamous relationship with her Kia Salesman & his wife (Scott & Jewels). The fallout and backlash are examined from every angle as family & friends weigh in on the outrageous arrangement. Meanwhile, Haley inserts the pros and cons of their unusual arrangement to her family (all of whom are struggling with their own personal drama), and friends, even convincing herself that her 'marriage' is the safest and most economical way to live in the 21st century. Eventually, Both Haley & Jewels grows comfortable with their new life as one big happy family; however, things get complicated when her white knight, out of nowhere suggests a third wife. Both Haley and Jewels seek to reexamine their values, their worth, their faith, and their self-respect. 

A  Zoom Virtual Presentation

Adult Content

An Orginal Zoom Presentation written/directed by Mary Ann Washington. Dramaturg: Que Huelett

5 Performances:

Friday, June 11th-7:30p

Saturday, June 12th- 6 pm

Sunday, June 13th- 3 pm

Monday, June 14th-7:30pm

Tuesday, June 15th-7:30pm

Auditions for THIRSTY is April 10th-12th. Rehearsals start Saturday, April 17th at 11 am. For more information including other audition opportunities please email, Reference: Thirsty

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In keeping with and adapting to the changing times, The Actor's Renaissance Theatre presented our First  Zoom Virtual Performance on July 30th, 2020. Here are some clips to our Virtual Proformance